Turbulence Control Structures

Adaptable MDS has developed a unique Turbulence Control Structure design (TCS), adaptable to any engine size, and meeting all the aerodynamic, acoustic, and structural requirements for modern fan engines.

The MDS-designed TCS:

  • Eliminates large-scale turbulence fluctuations at the engine fan inlet
  • Reduces flow distortions of the inlet air during static tests, thereby stabilizing engine speed and reducing axial and radial components of inlet flow turbulence
  • Reduces effects of wind gusts and crosswinds

Pressure Equalization MDS’ TCS is fabricated in the shape of a geodesic dome composed of many small honeycomb sections. The honeycomb acts as a flow-straightener, and equalizes the pressure distribution inside the dome surface.

Precise Simulation Engine designers are increasingly using a TCS when developing and certifying their engines due to its ability to accurately simulate in-flight noise conditions.