Quick Connect Systems

Endless Possibilities MDS has a full library of proven quick connect solutions for all key engine to facility interfaces. These quick connect solutions reduce connection time in the test cell, increasing overall facility efficiency and maximizing the use of your test facility asset. We understand the value of limiting cell time to test time.

Repeatable Alignment The MDS adapter docking system accurately locates and secures the engine adapter in place for testing. Driveline alignment is fully repeatable such that re-alignment in the test cell is no longer required after the initial set-up.

Automatic Success MDS can provide automated test facility re-configuration solutions to support multiple engine types, including hot and cold end drives within the same facility.

MDS quick connect solutions include:

  • Accurate, repeatable adapter docking and alignment solutions
  • Inlet and exhaust flex seal connection systems
  • Engine bleed connections
  • Mechanical and electrical coupling plate systems
  • Splined coupling connections
  • Engine to Diffuser/Collector connections
  • Hazardous zoning classification compliancy
  • Automated & semi-automated systems