65 MW Industrial Development Test Facility

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Rolls-Royce Canada TC#3 Montreal, Canada

Facility Type:

65 MW Industrial Trent Development Facility

Engine Types:

Rolls-Royce Trent 5050/5060 IGT


Complete turnkey conversion of an existing Aero Engine Test Cell to accommodate the development and production testing of the Industrial Trent aero derivative gas turbine engine.

Scope of Work:

  • Project Management;
  • Building Design and Construction;
  • Infrastructure for Growth to 155 MW Capacity;
  • Aerodynamics and Acoustics;
  • Inlet and Exhaust Systems;
  • BOV and BOV Translation System;
  • Engine Adapter;
  • Adapter Docking System;
  • Engine Handling System;
  • Liquid and Gas Fuel System;
  • Hydraulic Start and Support Systems;
  • Engine Lubrication System;
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems;
  • Facility Control System (PLC Based);
  • EDAS 7000 Data Acquisition and Control System; and
  • Dynamic Data Acquisition System.