30,000 lbf Aero Engine Test Facility

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Atlantic Turbines
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Facility Type:

30,000 lbf Turbofan Repair & Overhaul Gas Turbine Engine Test Facility

Engine Types:

All variants of the Pratt and Whitney JT15D engine


MDS supplied a complete Aero Engine turnkey TestFacility to support the repair and overhaul testing of turbofan engines.

The facility and infrastructure was designed so that future 30 lbf thrust engines can be tested through the addition of engine-specific test equipment.

Scope of Work:

  • Aerodynamics and Acoustics;
  • Inlet and Exhaust Systems;
  • Thrust Measurement System;
  • Engine-specific Adapter and Dress Equipment for the JT15D engine
  • Electric and Pneumatic Engine Start Systems;
  • Fuel Delivery and Measurement System;
  • Engine Handling System;
  • Engine Ground Transportation Systems;
  • Hydraulic Lift Platform;
  • PLC-based Facility Control System;
  • EDAS 6000 Data Acquisition and Control Systems;
  • CO2 Fire Suppression System; and
  • CCTV and Intercom Systems.