Aero Engines Across the Board MDS has earned global respect and recognition through the provision of world class test facilities for all types and sizes of aero engines. From turbofan and military thrust engines, to turbojet, turboprop, and APU facilities – MDS’ expertise, proven product line, and valued after sales service set it apart from the pack.

Aero-acoustic Acumen in Action MDS has a comprehensive and sound understanding of the complex interaction between test cell aerodynamics and acoustics. Creating a representative aerodynamic environment demands a meticulously engineered layout in tandem with suitable aerodynamic flow conditioning devices. In addition to preventing engine operational problems, proper aerodynamics minimizes harmful low frequency noise (infrasound), which is difficult to attenuate and prohibitively costly to rectify.

Accountable Solutions Driven by Sophisticated Software MDS has developed sophisticated software and scale modeling techniques for both aerodynamic and acoustic modeling, and has the experience and proven track record to deliver cost-effective and sound aero-acoustic solutions. MDS’ ongoing commitment to research and development in this field gives MDS clients immediate and favourable access to cutting edge technologies and practices.

Raising the Bar on Measurement MDS has established solutions for single and multi-axis thrust measurement for the complete range of aero engines. Engine adapters are configured and optimized to meet development, production, and repair and overhaul test requirements.

Fully Armed To ensure MDS test systems meet the most demanding requirements set forth by engine manufacturers and product certification authorities, MDS engineering teams are strategically equipped with the most advanced design tools in the industry.

Tangible Efficiencies MDS facilities are supplied with efficient engine handling solutions to minimize engine installation and removal times, and quick configuration solutions to reduce time on test.

Test Facilities Designed to Deliver To further optimize operations, MDS design facilities are capable of accommodating multiple engine types, including commercial, military, and afterburning variants. Whether the requirement calls for research and development, repair and overhaul, or production testing, MDS has the products and the engineering savvy to make its clients’ projects a complete success.

Proven • Reliable • Complete MDS’ proven testing solutions cover the complete spectrum of aero engine testing.

Existing products include: