Mission Statement
Manager of Controls – Corporate Headquarters, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Instrumentation Engineering – Corporate Headquarters, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Production Technician - Electrical – Corporate Headquarters, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Master Scheduler / Production Planner – Corporate Headquarters, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Future Opportunities
Programs Manager – Thompson, MB
Construction and Construction Site Manager – Corporate Headquarters, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Controls Technologist - Ottawa, ON
Gas Turbine Specialist - Ottawa, ON
Instrumentation & Controls Engineer/Technologist – Thompson, MB
Linux Software Developer - Ottawa, ON
Mechanical Engineer – Ottawa, ON
Project Integrator – Ottawa, ON
Project Manager - Ottawa, ON
Senior Controls Engineer - Ottawa, ON
Systems/Project Engineer - Ottawa, ON
Test Support Technician/Engineer – Derby, England
MDS Corporate Values
MDS Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Our Leadership
Testing Solutions
150,000 lbf Certification Test Facility
150,000 lbf Gas Turbine Engine Test Facility
150,000 lbf Gas Turbine Engine Icing Test Facility
100,000 lbf Aero Engine Test Facility
50,000 lbf Development Test Facility
30,000 lbf Aero Engine Test Facility
15 MW Turboprop Test Facility
Altitude Engine Test Facility
Industrial & Marine
65 MW Industrial Development Test Facility
60 MW Marine Test Facility
55 MW Industrial & Marine Test Facility
17 MW Industrial Test Facility
15 MW CED/HED Engine Test Facility
5 MW Industrial Test Facility
Component & Special Test
Compressor Test Facility
1P Moment Test Rig
Combustion Sector Rig
Heated Intake System
Turbulence Control Structure
Multi-Axis Thrust Measurement
Standard Products
AeroAcoustics Products
Thrust Measurement 150K
Load Absorption
Quick Connect Systems
Engine Handling
Engine Adapters
Driveline Systems
Mechanical Support Systems
Throttle Systems
Trim Balance & Vibration Conditioning
Exhaust Collector & Diffusers
Turbulence Control
Research & Technology
proDAS Development
Thrust Measurement
Green Technologies
Facility Support & Operation
Spares Management
Program Management
Test Operations
Field Service Representatives
Aerodynamics and Acoustics
Instrumentation & Controls
Mechanical Design
Software Applications
Driveline Design & Analysis
Electrical Engineering
Project Management
Environmental Performance
Emissions Auditing
CEMS QA Manuals
Measurement Sites
Energy Sustainability
Emissions Workspace Improvement