CEMS QA Manuals

Compliant, Effective and Practical The Canadian Environmental Protection Services (CEMS) EPS 1/PG/7 Protocol was designed primarily to regulate large Canadian power plants. Developing a QA Manual that is both comprehensive and compliant with the protocol involves a considerable amount of detailed work. For many CEMS owners this significant expense is simply not feasible; however, an effective CEMS QA Manual is a necessity for all companies – big and small.

Tailored Foundational Framework The MDS solution is to begin with the basics – a simple and economical QA Manual that enables full compliance with 1/PG/7. The time and money required from CEMS owners to generate this fundamental QA manual is significantly reduced. With the Fundamental QA Manual, MDS establishes a solid framework in which CEMS owners and operators can gradually incorporate contributions to create a comprehensive document, tailored specifically to their application.

Flexible • Interactive • Modular The Fundamental QA Manual is structured according to the EPS 1/PG/7 Protocol’s Table of Contents, and is generated in the form of interactive tables for easy use by all. These tables are partially populated with sample information that can be retained, edited, or deleted. The fundamental QA Manual is inherently compliant, while its tables allow for modular additions to address areas that require a greater level of detail.

The Fundamental QA Manual offers user-friendly tables for populating:

  • CEMS component documentation
  • PLC and data acquisition functions
  • Interactions between the CEMS and process computer stations
  • Roles and responsibilities for CEMS handlers
  • CEMS performance evaluations and audits

The manual provides essential quality control procedures to:

  • Schedule maintenance and performance verifications
  • Determine availability
  • Conduct daily CEMS inspections
  • Check new gas cylinders’ concentrations against those of cylinders in use
  • Track CEMS maintenance work

Built to Suit Your Objectives MDS recommends that an organization begins with the basics to satisfy your obligations. With a fundamental QA Manual in hand, you can then choose to invest in the future by pursuing a more comprehensive QA Manual. MDS can support your objectives, providing further development or consulting services which will enable the organization to build on the fundamentals, and to create an organization-specific customized and comprehensive QA Manual.