Instrumentation & Controls

Control Systems
  • Facility Controls and HMIs
  • Interface to Engine Controls
  • Engine Throttle Controller
  • Constant and Variable Speed Loading
  • Compressor Variable Geometry and Bleed Valve Controls
  • Measurement Design and Writing
  • Remote/Intelligent Sensor Integration
  • Signal Conditioning Design
  • Calibration Services and Automation
  • Measurement Uncertainty Analysis
  • Multi-Engine Quick Connections
Electrical Engineering
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Electric Start
  • Electrical Loading
  • Grounding and Lighting Protection

Data Acquisition

Unparalleled Versatility proDAS is MDS’ latest generation of real time data acquisition software. Specifically designed for the gas turbine engine test environment in repair and overhaul, production, or development testing, proDAS is recognized as the most capable system on the market.

Unprecedented Integration As the system of choice for engine development programs around the world, proDAS provides unparalleled integration and automation for a client’s engine testing requirements.

proDAS Delivers An efficient test facility data acquisition system requires complete integration with the Facility Controls, Engine Controls, Engine Throttle, and Dynamic Data System. MDS data acquisition systems have supported numerous engine development and production programs with over 40 systems delivered in the last decade.

Comprehensive, and End to End To its global client base, MDS’ Instrumentation and Controls group provides reliable expertise in measurement systems solutions, from steady state to dynamic data acquisition, including hardware integration, to signal conditioning design, and uncertainty analyses. MDS is an experienced supplier of test facility controls, PLC and HMI programming, and specialized control algorithm solutions. MDS engineers provide a complete end-to-end solution from design, risk analysis, testing, installation, calibration, and commissioning.

Automatic Test Capability Easily programmable test procedures allow the user to create straightforward testing schemes for maximum testing efficiency. Test procedures are simple to follow, repeatable, and complete for an automatically produced and accurate test report.

Single Pushbutton Testing MDS provides industry-leading automated test capability. MDS’ test procedures combined with the MDS UECU-500 Mk II Throttle and integrated controls provide an efficient, reliable, and safe methodology for automated engine testing that is particularly advantageous for standardized overhaul test or cyclic testing requirements.

Customized Configuration Our Instrumentation engineers design systems that incorporate the latest off-the-shelf measurement technologies including a wide array of signal conditioning and sensor products; and MDS provides optimum control systems customized to address mission-critical engine, test rig, or facility requirements.

Complete Calibration and Support MDS offers complete calibration and support services, and maintains a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory to support engine testing facilities worldwide.

Capabilities include:

PLC Programming From engine fuel delivery systems to palletizing robots, MDS is an experienced supplier of facility control systems for test cells and plants. MDS uses a standardized programming approach that provides efficient design, ease of logic maintenance, and intuitive feel. MDS engineers are well versed in RSLogix5 and 500, GE Fanuc VersaPro, Logic Master, and more; and compliantly and confidently work according to any client-supplied preferences.

HMI Programming MDS has developed a standardized HMI look and feel that can be customized to specific client requirements. HMI meets CE requirements for user interfaces, and contains an array of features that provide a simple yet effective operator station.

Among MDS’ HMI standard features:

  • Alarm logging window and storage
  • Menu structure
  • PID and calibration windows
  • Channel identification information

MDS is adept with HMI and GE Fanuc Quick Designer programs:

  • Wonderware Intouch
  • Intellusion
  • HMI panels, which include Data Panel, QuickPanel and Panelmate; all can be tailored to client-specific requirements

Control Algorithm Development MDS’ Controls Group provides solutions for increasingly sophisticated controls requirements. Past projects include a valve control system for an aero engine compressor test facility, a moment inducing rig for a turboshaft engine, and a continuously variable transmission test rig. MDS controls engineers will work closely with its other engineering groups to optimize the up-front design to achieve client-specific control requirements.

Measurement Uncertainty Analysis A capable and supportive design team is critical for the determination of a client’s specific measurement requirements and to confidently characterize data. MDS’ Instrumentation Group works with its clients to select the optimum transducers and signal conditioning, including theoretical evaluations of measurement uncertainty as may be required.

Signal Conditioning and Design MDS engineers provide their clients with a complete and integrated measurement solution. MDS’ primary focus: Commercially Available off-the-Shelf (COTS) equipment. MDS can also develop custom signal conditioning solutions to suit client-specific requirements.

Facility Interface Designs As part of MDS’ complete and integrated turnkey facility design capability, MDS engineers provide the expertise to produce low voltage single line diagrams for power distribution, wall penetrations, wireway layout, facility sensors, lighting control, and more.

Logic Design / Diagrams MDS logic design adheres to well documented and reviewed processes. MDS can provide logic representation as a point-by-point description, flowchart, or diagrammatical chart to augment the accompanying system schematics.

System and Failure Analysis Part of the MDS design process requires its engineers to evaluate failure modes, risks, and mitigation strategies, and can be applied to any system or design.

Cable Harness Design Assembled in house and commissioned in the field, MDS cables are reliably designed using ACAD. Cables can be assembled from a system schematic, cable assembly drawing; and if required, by nailboard. Cable types are manufactured to a one-time installation, a multi-use reconnection, or dress kit standard.

Power Generation and Loading Systems Control Many test facilities require a large motor to power a system or as a means of mechanically or electrically loading the equipment under test. MDS integrates the supply of large prime mover motors for projects requiring power input, including fan or compressor type test facilities. Loading is performed in conjunction with the MDS mechanical engineering group for dynamometer type loads or electrical through a combination of generators and resistive loadbanks.

Communication Systems MDS’ total facility system integration will deliver intercom and CCTV systems for all test facility environments.

Emergency Protection Devices Of primary concern in any facility is the safety and protection of personnel and equipment. MDS’ integrated design team provides a complete emergency stop and shutdown solution to minimize personal injury or equipment damage.

Feasibility Studies and Reports MDS’ Instrumentation and Controls groups can create engineering specifications and feasibility studies for client-specific testing and facility requirements.

Calibration Services MDS’ experienced team of engineers and technicians can assist its clients in determining the optimum calibration solution. Using sophisticated MDS proDAS utilities for calibration delivery and commissioning, MDS can provide clients with a one-stop-shop maintenance and calibration service for any given facility.